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Westminster Abbey - Westminsterio vienuolynas. Referatas.

The Abbey’s correct title
Why Westminster Abbey is famous?
Burials and memorials
Some famous people buried in Abbey
How big is the Westminster Abbey?


I chose this topic because I’m very interested in foreign countries history, culture and architecture. On the other hand churches, abbeys were important in countries economic, political and social life, so we can find out a lot of information about country from its shrines.
The Abbey’s formal title is The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster. The popular title “ Westminster Abbey ” continues to be used, even though there have been no monks here since the 16th century.
Westminster Abbey is famous throughout the world as one of the greatest churches in Christendom, and draws visitors from all corners of the globe. For over a thousand years the people of this nation have seen their monarchs crowned in settings of pomp, tradition and splendour, unsurpassed in todays modern age. The interior is an absolute delight, the gothic architecture draws the eye repeatedly and one wonders how such an emense structure could have been built hundreds of years ago. The roof of the nave is one of the finest of any building in the world.,it soars above you as you crane your neck to view its immense design and great hight.
Until the 19th century, Westminster was the third seat of learning in England, after Oxford and Cambridge. It was there that the first third of the King James Bible Old Testament and the last half of the New Testament were translated. The New English Bible was also put together here in the 20th century.
The history of the abbey starts in 1050, when King Edward the Confessor decided to build an abbey. Only a small part of this original Norman monastery, consecrated in 1065, survived. The only representation of this original building is shown on the Bayeux Tapestry.
Most of presentation building dates from 1245 to 1272 when Henry III decided to rebuild the...

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World Heritage: Westminster Palace and Abbey

World Heritage: Westminster Palace and Abbey Anglų kalba
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